Our Unique Fee Arrangement allows clients to avail on-shore as well as cross-shore alternatives to further reduce legal spend, all while receiving comprehensive solutions with US Law Firm Quality & Accountability.

Patent Practice

With an acute focus on Prior Art Searches, we bring best practices to tackle Prior Art Searches at rapid speed, efficiency and low cost. Our search team, always led by a US Patent Attorney, has database agnostic search expertise; drawing results across multiple databases.

Our Patent Practice also includes Patent Preparation & Prosecution, Opinions, Patent Analytics, and Patent Monetization services.

Technology Contracts

Our Technology Contracts practice is dedicated to cost effectively assisting clients draft and negotiate vendor contract related matters, particularly those with a heavy technology component, keeping Legal, Business, and Risk considerations at the forefront.

We bring industry know-how and strong backgrounds in law and technology to tackle challenging negotiations, while addressing Data Protection, Privacy & Security concerns.

LPO PIM Practice

Our LPO PIM Practice assists clients considering Procurement of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services, or needing assistance in the Integration and Management of existing LPO relationships to increase adoptability, efficiency, quality, utilization and savings.

Our unique experience at top law firms, corporations, and LPOs enables us to provide unparalleled insight and value for success in LPO PIM.


Brajesh Mohan

Managing Partner

Highly regarded US Patent Attorney, Corporate lawyer and a leader in the field of Outsourcing.

Naina Hegde


Over a decade of negotiating challenging agreements for top US Banking, Financial and Services institutions.

Sumit Mudgal

Chief Strategy Advisor

Part of the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) industry since its very inception. With over a decade of experience starting and building IP Groups at preeminent LPOs servicing Fortune 100 clients.

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